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The Crew

We can't be tellin ya all of who be in the crew yet. Its a secret. There are many who have seen the crew in action, but since we be pirates, we have to keep a lil' secrecy for now. By the way we see your ship passing by and you looking at us thru that spy glass of yours, so we are taking the pleasure to remembering the flags of yer ship. We'll be coming for ya later. Feel free to meet Charon while you are here. Charon isn't really a member of the crew but a servant of the ship.

Senior Officers

Baron Ronan Lynceus (CSC, QHD, CSB), Captain
Lord Malcolm Bowman (CSC, QOC), Navigator
Lord Pascual del Mar, Quartermaster

The Members

Tao Qi Gui (CSB), Missing at Sea
Baroness B'Elanna de Rouge (CSB), Missing at Sea
Lady Shauna MacKenzie O'Dowd, Chartmaker
Lord Gerick der Keggar, Sailor
Lady Jane of Milford (Terp), Surgeon's Assistant
Lady Robin of Forestgate, Wench
Lord Santiago 'Jade' de Montoya, Master Gunner
Lord Robin Gallowglass (CSC), Engineer
Lady Shannon Gallowglass (CSC, QHD), Spice Maiden
Ken, Bosun
Lady Maire, Stitch Witch
Lady Emma of Paincastle, Master Gunner's Assistant

Pirates In Training

Open Posts

Cabin Boy (Captain's choice, so don't ask)
Master Gunner
Powder Monkey
Sailmaker/Stitch Witch
Ship's Leech

What do all these letters after the names mean?
Each notes an award or honor earned which is tracked by the Kingdom Order of Precedence. Below is a list of each abbreviation found on this page and what it is awarded for.

  • CSB - Companion of the Sable Bell. Baronial service award of the Barony of Carillion in the East Kingdom.
  • CSC - Companion of the Silver Crescent. Kingdom Service award of the East Kingdom.
  • QHD - Queen's Honor of Distinction. Given by the Queen of the East Kingdom for service or support that is not covered by any of the other awards.
  • QOC - Queen's Order of Courtesy. Given for demonstrating consistent and exemplary traits of courtesy.

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