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There is little we can tell ya 'bout the Cloven Nemesis. She is a young ship, though with an experienced crew. Her crew can often be discovered as the benefactors of cloven fruit at SCA events. Our Captain was even made a Baron for a night because of such an act. The Cloven Nemesis is still preparing and drafting her crew at this time from the ranks of the Kingdom of the East, and the Kingdom of Aethelmearc. It is expected that she will sail on her first adventure cruise August, Anno Societatis XXXVI (2001 C.E.).

A note regarding our flag/device. You will notice that it is Sable, a cask argent, a skull argent, and a cutlass argent. The cask represents our love for spirits and the pleasure of a good party, the skull our knowledge of our own mortality (life is short, enjoy it while you can), and the cutlass marks our love of combat. We hope our household will create a strong influence in the areas of fencing, fighting, and much to the surprise of our opponents to the art of Naval (ship to ship) combat.

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